Land of Celebration and Bells
Homestuck Land Test/Guide

So, it’s finally arrived! 

First off, this is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the title test in the way this will work. In fact, this really isn’t much of a test. It’s more of a guide to creating a land based on your/your fan character’s personality. 

As such, this is not going to give you a straight answer! You will have to use your imagination to create the actual land. 

The test instead tells you the “feel” of your land and the quest of your land!

So, enough rambling, lets get started!

First off is the “Feel” of your world!

This is based on the FIRST word of your personalDNA result!

personalDNA test here:

Once you have your result, go here to see the feel of your world:

Simple Enough!

Now, for your land’s quest, you’ll need to take the MBTI, or the Myers Briggs test.

Found here:

Don’t worry, there aren’t 16 different quest types. There are only 4!

If you are a Guardian (You have both S and J in your result) :

Your quest is to protect your land and the consorts from an impending doom! This could be a swarm of monsters, a plague threatening the life of the world, a monstrous storm, whatever! 

If you are an Idealist (You have both N and F in your result) :

Your quest is to bring life and energy back to a wasted and broken land! This doesn’t mean your land has to be dark and empty! There just has to be something missing that you will have to bring back.

If you are an Artisan (You have both S and P in your result) :

Your quest is to create something that the land needs or create something to improve the land overall. It can be any type of creation, from a song to a building to a machine!

If you are a Rational (You have both N and T in your result) :

Your quest is to figure out the rules and systems governing the world and learn to work it to your advantage! Think Rose’s quest to learn to “play the rain”. 

If you are a SPACE player:

Yes, your main quest is always going to be to create the genesis frog. But the way you light the forge and collect the frogs is governed by your MBTI type! You might have to build a machine to incite the volcano, or protect the frogs from being roasted by the lava! 

Now, here’s where your Title comes in, and where it gets complicated.

The first word of the land represents the “Feel” of the world. (Ex. John’s Wind, Rose’s Light) while the second word represents the quest of your world. (Ex. John’s Shade representing his quest to remove the cloud layer, Rose’s Rain representing her quest to learn to play the rain.)

However, one of the Lands words always tends to relate back to the Aspect. (Wind, Light, Clockwork, Frogs, Zephyr, Angels, Dew, Silence). 

So, UNLESS YOU ARE A SPACE PLAYER, here is how you start:

Either A. Think of a word you like that relates to your aspect. 

or B. Go here and choose a word you like from the list under your aspect:

Now, answer the question: Does this seem to be a word that fits in with the feel of my world?

If the answer is yes, put it is your first land word!

If the answer is no, put it as the 2nd land word. 

Now the remaining word can be anything you want it to be! If you need a quest word, think of a quest that fits in with your description that you might like to overcome and choose a word based on that. If you need a feel word,first think of a quest having to do with your 2nd word that fits with your quest description, then picture what a world with your quest and the feel would look like, and choose a word that fits the picture in your head.


You already have Frogs, which relates to your aspect and thus your first “Feel” word doesn’t have to have anything to do with Space. However, your “Feel” word will also relate to your alternate quest you got from your MBTI score, so think of a quest and a word that relates to it!


I am an animated builder, and an ENFP.

I really like the word Bells for a land for some reason, and bells often symbolize Hope!

But bells aren’t exactly warm and bright. Bells fits better as a quest word.

Now I need something that will make a land that is warm, bright, and fun!

First, I’ll think of a quest. I need a quest where I bring back energy and life to a land that has to do with Bells. What if the bells used to constantly ring and create music throughout the land until the denizen came and broke them all? 

After a good amount of thinking, I came up with Celebration. 

So, my land is the Land of Celebration and Bells! LOCAB.

I can’t wait to see the type of stuff you guys come up with! Hope you enjoy!

More about your MBTI type here:

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